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Our Story

Growing up as childhood friends in the suburbs outside of Syracuse, NY, we had a desire to start and grow a venture that would help athletes. Entering college, we discovered various problems with the nutritional recovery process and the Strength and Conditioning community echoed our findings. Sports nutrition products lacked two aspects: quality and/or conveniece.

With their feedback in mind, we set out to develop a solution with no sacrifices. In 2018, we launched Enduraphin with two formulas, Whey Protein and Athletic Fuel, and our patent-pending PHINTECH bottles.

Our ultimate mission is to fuel athletes to succeed.

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Our Values



Plan the work. Work the plan. Stop at nothing.



Building the bridge between imagination and reality.


Loyalty is what makes us trust. Trust is what unites us. Unity is what leads to victory.


We seek the difficult challenges. We embrace the discomfort and sacrifice that molds champions. We push through the pain to achieve a euphoric state of being.

We Are #Enduraphin

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